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Allie and Schuster is an Orange County based law firm with more than thirty (30) years of experience in diverse litigation and trial practice. We bring a depth of experience to the courtroom in virtually every type of civil dispute. The firm's attorneys have diverse backgrounds with broad experience in the areas of insurance, bodily injury and property damage claims, business and commercial matters, employment and labor claims, and construction matters. We have been and continue to be responsible for providing outstanding service in these and other related areas.

At Allie & Schuster, P.C., we pride ourselves for having a reputation of providing experienced, compassionate, and determined representation to serve every client's unique needs. Putting clients first is the purpose of Allie & Schuster's practice.

Although many of our cases are ultimately resolved by settlement, the firm is always prepared to go to trial. We negotiate and represent our clients from a position of strength. Through diligence and skill, we endeavor to control the course of the proceedings to obtain favorable results for our clients.

When individuals and businesses face difficult legal issues, Allie & Schuster prides itself on being a firm that has the resolute intention of providing an exceptional service to its clients in a cost-effective, solution focused and expeditious manner.

We can be reached at (714) 558-8899 and by fax at (714) 558-8889. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You can also contact us at our e-mail address: office@allieschuster.org.